Is It Possible to Develop an Addiction to Online Poker?


Poker is a thrilling game, but it can also be dangerous. Developing an addiction or being a problem gambler is one of the most severe risks. Addiction is a psychological condition. The abuser tries to reach this “high” by engaging in a certain action.

Gambling Runs in the Family

Genetics plays a part in the production of addiction in certain individuals. Children of alcoholics are more likely to become alcoholics, according to studies. Stress is a major external factor that can lead to addiction, and the presence of other mental disorders can also increase a person’s risk of being addicted. The gambling problem is close to opium or alcohol addiction except that it gives the gambling addict the same “high” that a drug abuser gets from cocaine or alcohol. When the abuser achieves this high, he or she develops a resistance to it. As a consequence, addiction behavior grows, as it takes more of the experience – whether it’s gambling, drinking, or consuming illegal drugs – to reach the same emotional boost. The descent into addiction has already started. Some platforms help to control your addiction and also let you play your favorite poker games like bandarq pkv.

Instant gratification has the potential to be harmful

If you have an addictive attitude, exercise discretion when playing poker or engaging in some other high-risk, high-reward gambling practice (e.g. playing the lottery or betting on sporting events). People who behave impulsively, are actively seeking new thrills, or are considered non-conformists are signs of addictive personalities. The rapid reinforcement that happens in a gambling environment will rapidly transform a recreational behavior into a compulsive pursuit of gratification, where one is unable to willingly disengage from the practice and negative effects result, ranging from significant financial losses to relationship disruption. Online poker is a fertile ground for addiction because it allows players to play multiple tables at once, resulting in almost constant action. Some sites enable players to open up to eight tables at once, with play speeds three times faster than live poker.

How Can I Tell If I’m a Poker Addict?

All gambling behavior trends that jeopardize, threaten, or damage personal, families, or professional pursuits, including an increased preoccupation with gambling; a desire to lift the stakes; irritability while attempting to quit; attempting to make up for losses by wagering even more; and an inability to stop the behavior despite growing negative outcomes. Some websites assist you in managing your addiction while also allowing you to enjoy your favorite poker games, such as bandarq pkv.

  • Do you always prefer to play poker to spending time with your family or friends?
  • Is poker costing you more than you can afford?
  • Do you feel motivated to spend more money on the platform and play higher stakes in the hopes of winning it all back quickly?
  • Have you attempted to resign before?

If you replied yes to all of these questions, you might be on the brink of forming or even have a poker addiction.

Where can I get assistance?

The first step is to decide whether you have a concern. There are several online sites available to assist you. You are not alone if you have a concern.