Pro Tips You Should Know To Win Every Rummy Game


It goes without saying that rummy is a sheer game of strategy where players have to use their cards judiciously. Thus, comprehending the fundamentals holds paramount importance in winning the game. India is a nation where celebrations are incomplete without a rummy game. Play online rummy & different types of card games on GetMega where you can earn money by playing card games. So, if you are a beginner, you should better start acing the skills from now onwards. Here are the pro tips to win your rummy games on Royal Rummy.

Please Understand your Rules & Regulations carefully

The digital rummy game comprises multiple variations, and they have their own sets of rules. So, if you do not use them in the right way, chances are high that you will fail to win rummy games. That’s the most significant reason why you must start your journey by learning the rules and regulations. Watch the tutorial matches and start playing accordingly. That’s the most fundamental winning trick.

Always opt for the Pure Sequence

Since you want to master rummy games, one of the most important points of consideration is the pure sequence. You need to create a pure sequence comprising a minimum of three cards in the same suit. Note that it does not include any joker. So, players should have a minimum of one pure sequence at hand to win the game.

Without a pure sequence, chances are high that you may fail to win the game. In addition, an invalid declaration also attracts penalty points. Thus, you must avoid this.

More Jokers, better the winning chances

Yes, you read that right. In fact, the joker can set players free in any instance. So, you must always be wise to use them carefully. Use this rummy tip to complete the second sequence. When you already have 2 sequences, you can use your joker to make the set or sequence with a high-point card.

It should be noted that jokers are completely wasted in the pure sequence. So it is better not to use them in these sets or sequences.

If you have the pure sequence but do not have the second sequence, it is best to use jokers to complete the second sequence. When you have two sequences, you need to use the available joker to make the sequence with the high card points

The Concept of Fishing

So, another smart trick is to make the right use of fishing. Now, what exactly is fishing? Simply put, it is a smart approach where you trick your opponent into discarding cards that you require.

For example, suppose you intend to make a set of 3 10s. And you hold 8 ♠, 8 ♥, and 9 ♣. In that case, discard 9 ♣. The opponent will consider 8 ♣ to be a safe card to discard and help you make the set. That’s how fishing helps in plenty.

Never keep the week cards with you

If you have cards that don’t form any sequence or set, it’s best to discard them. Do not keep them for too long.

Discard the High-Value Cards

Always intend to get rid of the cards that have high point values. If it is of no use to you use for any of your sets or sequences, it is best to discard it right away. The high-point cards are Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. These cards only increase the point burden when the opponent gets enough time to declare it before you.

Never Wait For that “Perfect” Card

Always ensure that you don’t wait for the perfect card. You need to reevaluate the hand & rearrange them accordingly.

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