Online slot machines: the ones that users love the most


Among the various gambling games on the net, slot machines are certainly the ones that most attract players. In recent years there has been an increase in both websites that allow you to play slot machines online, and in users: despite a particular last year, the sector is in rapid and undisputed expansion.

Playing slot machines on the web is really very simple: you can easily do it from your tablet, smartphone or PC. The choice is so vast that you can often find yourself in the situation of not knowing which service to rely on.

But will there be any online slot machines that users prefer more than others? Surely. Let’s see how users make their choice as per the jetx3 avis.

How players choose slot machines

But are there any criteria by which players actually choose the slots that pay the most? Basically, it can be said that there are a number of factors that direct users to one service rather than another. This is not only linked to an economic issue, but also to other captivating factors: for example, colors, music and many other things.

It must be said that, to be more attractive, online slots should be very simple to use and graphically appealing. An online slot machine that has too many graphical effects or is too repetitive in the long run can tire the player. That’s why the ideal is to find a properly made online slot.

For example, it is shown that players prefer the funniest slots, that is, those with more reels and with particular sounds. The reels allow you to win thanks to different combinations, which usually develop not only horizontally but also vertically and diagonally. There are a series of intersections, the so-called paylines, which allow to drastically increase the chances of winning and to ensure the fun of the user.


The concept of volatility originates from finance but is also applied to slots. In slot machines it is quite difficult to define. Unlike the RTP value, volatility cannot be expressed through a precise value. In fact, people generally speak of slot machines with low, medium or high volatility.

Is it better to choose a slot machine that rarely rewards large sums, or a slot that often gives low rewards? The answer to this question is contained in the concept of volatility. Low volatility slot machines are those that frequently reward players with small amounts. In this case the player’s risk is also low. It will likely recoup the amount invested in the game.

Those looking for the thrill and wanting to play trying to get the win of life should turn to slot machines with high volatility. It is possible that these games will be spin after spin for months without winning anything. But when the win happens, and sooner or later it happens, it’s time to celebrate. Here the risk is high, because the player invests a lot before hitting a big win . And it is not certain that he will be the one to benefit from the coveted moment of generosity of the slot machine.

Importance of the jackpot

It is evident, however, that the choice of a slot machine is certainly also determined by a large part of the jackpot. There are many slots that allow you to win very high amounts: this pushes users to try their luck.

Also from this point of view, it must be said that since the general regularization of the markets took place, with the state monopoly having also entered into force in gambling, the operators, the famous bookmakers, have increased considerably.