Poker Figures: Are They Winners? Find out how to play them


A common mistake among people who start this fabulous game is overvaluing the poker figures. There are many more beginner sins or glitches that can weigh down your game, but one of them are putting too much value on playing figures. While it is true that a faceted poker hand should always be considered, it cannot be considered as winners per se. In this article, you will learn all the keys and strategies to manage these types of Judi poker idn hands.

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Winning poker figures, how to rank them

Not all face poker hands are winners. Going to extremes, with an AA in hand, we will win 85% of the time against an opponent. While with J2, we will only do it 42% of the time. With a KJ, we will have a 61% win against a single random opponent. These numbers vary greatly when there is more than one player at the table. We see that with figures from the poker deck such as J2 of a different color, against five rivals we dropped to 13%, and against eight, we barely had 7.3%. Obviously, these numbers are indicative and the post-flop game will be very important, but they do give us some clues.

How can we classify these poker hands with figures?

Winning poker figures or premium hands: AA, KK and AK would be the hands that would fit in most situations

Semi-premium hands: QQ, JJ is almost as good as the previous ones

Very good plays: Hands like TT, 99, AQ, KQ or AJ would enter here, which would fit in fewer situations

Good hands: AT, A9, A8 or A7 or KJ, KT or QJ are still good hands, but lower than 99, TT and even 88 or 77 without being the latter figures.

Poker figures like K9, QT, JT, QJ or KT are not that good and should be played less. Q9, Q8, J9 or J8 or any combination of A or K can still be played, but in few combinations.

Another factor that will influence a lot is if they are suited since an A2 or K2 has infinitely much more value than their ‘not-suited’ variation, since it will be very difficult for us to go looking for the color. If the idn poker figures are not consecutive, they also become much less playable.

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How to play poker figures post-flop?

Here many other factors come in, especially the reading of the hands of our rivals. As a rule, with premium or very good hands, we will place continuation or value bets, depending on the flop. If we have nothing, we can choose whether to get out of hand or try to steal the pot, but always with the reading of our rivals in mind.

Finally, if we link a monster they are our poker figures and we know we are 100% winners. We are interested in a very passive game to keep our rivals in play. All this, with one premise – rise instead of calling and bet instead of checking. Having a high bar to get into hands will allow us to do it with greater security.