Shanghai Port F.C Seals a 4-Year Sponsorship Deal With GD6 Online Casino


Shanghai Port Football Club, a first-tier club in the Chinese Super League, has just signed a four-year sponsorship agreement with Singapore-based online casino site GD6.

The team will be donning a new jersey sporting the online casino’s logo and colors while also being featured on promotional materials such as social media campaigns and posters throughout the site’s homepage. GD6 site also has exclusive rights to provide hospitality services to players for one year post-contract expiry date.


“We’re very proud that we’ve been able to work out such a great deal with GD6 and we look forward to seeing how many goals our players score in their new home kit,” said Sun X iang, the Deputy Manager of Shanghai Port F.C.

The football club is now the first ever Asian-based team to partner up with a sports betting site and it seems like they couldn’t be more excited for this partnership!

“We are very thrilled to be partnering up with such an esteemed football club, especially since it shares our company’s core values of being both innovative and progressive,” said Gary Lee, the Media Director for GDG casino when asked about their decision to sponsor the team. “We’re confident that they’ll continue playing at an international level.”

This sponsorship deal is just one of many moves made by GD6 in recent months as they look to expand their international reach and look forward to continued success on and off the field!