What is match-fixing?


In this article, you will learn about match-fixing in football. We will understand why and who needs them, find out where and how to look for information about a staged match, and consider what force majeure happens during a meeting.

Why they are needed and who organizes fouls

According to statistics from 1win, there are just over 100 rigged matches a year. In reality, it is tens or even hundreds of times more. The nature of individual games is impossible to prove or prove. More often the events are played in third-world countries. However, “dawgs” also happen in the lower divisions of European countries.

The main reason for foul play is to make money. The match-fixing organizers are unknown, as their work is carefully concealed. Syndicates make money on the games and bribe referees and club players at their request to achieve the desired result. Athletes from a notional third league in Vietnam earn little money from football. Therefore, it is difficult for them to refuse to earn extra money. The situation is the same with referees.

Is it possible to find strange games by yourself?

Straight away you can. But it will require some knowledge and experience in betting. There are users on the net that teach you how to find “dongs”. Each of them cheats and draws money.

Even if the odds signal that there’s “dirt” going on – it doesn’t guarantee a win. You can’t be sure of any match if you’re not the organizer. The reliable factor is the insider, which, as we said, is only available to a narrow circle.


There is no denying the existence of “odd” matches. They take place in Asian and South American championships, but also happen in Europe. The information is impossible to find out without insider connections. With the right knowledge, you can track match-fixing events manually or on special portals.