All about Slingo Games


What is Slingo?

Like the 75 ball bingo game, there is a grid of numbers 5 × 5. And like slots, there is a reel. It is to match up these numbers of the grid on the reel. The Slingo is the combination of these two great games to make a third more thrilling one. However, unlike bingo, the player doesn’t have to wait for someone to call out their numbers. It’s all in their own hands. And unlike slots, there is only one space for each number on the five reels. The thrill and excitement of both the games are present here, with an edge for the player. It is one of the best online games in the market currently.

How is Slingo played?

Slingo, the hybrid of bingo and slots, involved playing tactics from both of them to win. A line on the grid or a coverall is matched with the help of the five reeled slot. The player needs to match the numbers showing up on the reel to any row or column on the grid. This requires concentration and decision making giving the player a unique and thrilling game experience that is greater than the sum of all of the parts of Slingo.

What symbols are there in Slingo?

There are four symbols in Slingo that every Slingo player must know about, namely the devil, the joker, the super joker, and the coin. Here’s what they all do:

  1. The Devil: This symbol is to be avoided like the plague. It blocks out numbers and destroys potential matches. This lowers a player’s chances of winning.
  2. The Joker: This symbol is often sought for and for a reason. The joker marks off any number in the column and increases potential matches as well as the player’s chances of winning.
  3. The Super Joke: This symbol is a great one that matches up to any number on the grid and greatly improves the player’s chances of winning. Players love this symbol.
  4. The Coin: When players see this symbol, they forget everything and go for this rare once in a blue moon symbols that could change everything! Getting a coin grants the player an instant cash prize. It is a direct win for the player!

Variants of Slingo:

Several variants of Slingo Games exist. Some are based on some slot machine games, TV shows, or even adding something different like monopoly.

  • Monopoly Slingo: One of the four-game pieces can be chosen to set volatility. Choosing low volatility means that it will be easy to win, but the payoff is lesser. On the other hand, choosing high volatility means that the game will be hard, but the payoff will be high.There are no reels in Monopoly Slingo, and there are 5 × 5 properties instead of numbers present over there. The player can roll the dice to move around the board and can have another go if they roll doubles. One needs to land on all properties in a line to get a Slingo.